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high voltage voltmeter
high voltage voltmeter


GF2022 wireless high voltage voltmeter, also known as full intelligent wireless high and low voltage voltmeter, with voltage, voltage level and frequency indication, is used for low-voltage and high-voltage transmission power line test, high-voltage transmission power line to ground voltage test, induced voltage test and high-voltage transmission power line test, etc. the instrument is composed of collector, insulating pole, receiver, ground wire, grounding metal rod, etc., and the test range is 0-69kV (400V, 10kV, 15kV, 20kV, 33kV, 69kV) full intelligent test voltage and power test range from 0 to 500kV (400V, 10kV, 33kV, 110KV, 220kV, 500kV). When the voltage of the bare conductor is 0-69KV, the collector can touch the test voltage and test the electricity, and display the voltage value at the same time; when the voltage of the bare conductor is more than 69KV, the non-contact test is adopted, and the collector can complete the test when it is close to the conductor gradually.


■ Power plant;

■ Power engineering company;

■ Distribution power corporation;

■ High voltage commission company;

■ Electricity power bureau & power company;

■ Electrical Department of property company;

■ Electric power maintenance engineering company;

■ Electrical Department of industrial and mining enterprises;

■ Anti theft Inspection Department of electricity power company;


■ 3.5 inch color TFT LCD;

■ 5000 group data logger;

■ Integrated design ensures;

■ Voltage measurement accuracy 1%;

■ Easy to install and remove with power line;

■ Transmission voltage test of high voltage line;

■ Accurately measure 0.00-69KV voltage RMS value;

■ Surface voltage equipotential test of electrical equipment;

■ Intelligent test voltage and power test range from 0 to 500kV;

■ Wireless communication technology, transmission distance 100m;


Electrical parameters
Power supply Voltmeter: DC 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery,
Receiver: DC8.4V rechargeable lithium battery,
working 8 hours
Function Wireless high voltage phase voltage, voltage to ground, voltage level, frequency, electricity test, electric field judgment, etc
Electrotest mode Contact:conductor voltage below 69KV (with insulation rod)
Non-contact:electricity test,volt over 69KV test by close gradually (with insulation rod)
Transmission mode 433M Wireless transmission, the maximum distance of straight line transmission is about 100m
Display mode Size 73mm×55mm; display area 69mm×52mm; 3.5"True color LCD
Metal hook Outer Diameter 68mm
Sampling rate 2 times/second
Data save 5000groups
Test Range With earth wire: 0-69KV, without earth wire :1kV-69KV
Voltage to ground:0-69KV (Line to line volt multiply 1.732,that say √3)
Electricity test: 0-500kV(exceeds)
Resolution Resolution 1V (100V-2000V)
0.01kV (2.00kV-20.00kV)
0.1kV (20.0kV-110.0kV)
Voltage accuracy With earth grounding wire: ±1%±2dgt (0-69KV)
Without earth wire: ±15%±5dgt (1kV-69KV)
Frequency accuracy ±1Hz (0.1kV-69KV)
Automatic shutdown 15 minutes after boot
Structure Anti-drip type II
Mechanical parameters
Meter size (LxWxH) (mm) Collector: 275mm×105mm×52mm
Receiver : 250mm×100mm×45mm
Meter weight Collector:230g(with battery)
Receiver:410g(with battery)
Total weight:4.6kg(with battery and insulation rod)
Insulation Rod length Carry on length 0.6m, stretched 4.2m
Earth wire 7meters
Insulation strength Insulation Rod:AC 220kV/rms(stretched at both ends)
collector:2000V/rms(between far shell points)
receiver:2000V/rms(between far shell points)
Structure Anti dripping leakage type II
Environmental conditions
Working temperature -10°C to 50°C
Working humidity Below 80%Rh
Storage temperature -20°C to 60°C
Storage humidity Below 70%Rh
Voltmeter Connector 1 pc
Voltmeter Receiver 1 pc
Metal hook 1 pc
Insulation rod 1 set
Rechargeable Battery 2pcs
Charger 1 set
Portable package 1 pc