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Low voltage urrent transformers convert an alternating current usually high in to a proportional lower one, depending on their use, Measurement type CTs are required to transform the primary current, at various classes of accuracy, as specified by the class designation, over a current range from 1 to 120 percent of its rated primary ratio. GFUVE FU serial low voltage current transformer ratio from 30/5A or 1A to 5000/5A or 1A, have measurement current trasformer and 5P10, 5P20, 10P10 10P5 protection current trasformer. according to IEC60044-1, IEC 61869-2, ANSI C57.13, NTC 2205, GB1208-2006 etc. GFUVE LV current transformer used many in Africa, South America, Europe, Asia,USA etc.