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The primary injection test equipment manufactured by GFUVE GROUP is a large range of products that meet the power, current, and accuracy required for this type of testing. The TEST serial range of primary injection test equipment are perfectly adequate to test current transformers, busbars, circuit breakers, switchboards, complete system such as transformers-relays, and interconnections, with the adequate technology and accuracy at an economic price. The large product range enables the selection of appropriate equipment required for the application required. Primary current injection testing is utilised in high current/high voltage scenarios found at large electrical installations such as substations. A large current (between 50A and 40,000A depending on system specifications and test requirements) is injected directly on the primary side of the electrical system such as a circuit breaker. The objective of the test is to identify how the system operates under various levels of current load. Primary injection testing is suitable for testing over-current trip relays attached to a circuit breaker. By injecting the current into the system we can measure if the breaker will trip or fail, and how long the current is live before the circuit is broken.