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The power transducer is a device for isolating and transforming the AC voltage, current, active power, reactive power or DC voltage and DC current in the power grid into a linear DC 4-20mA analog signal. The transducer can be divided into analog quantity and digital quantity according to the output standard quantity. The digital quantity can be divided into analog quantity output power transducer and digital quantity output power transducer. Generally speaking, the analog quantity output power transducer can only output one parameter such as active power or power quantity, while the digital quantity output transducer can output the required voltage, current, frequency, active power, power factor Harmonic and other parameters. GFUVE FUD serial transducers have AC voltage transducer, AC current transducer, 3P3W active power transducer, 3P3W reactive power transducer, 3P4W active power transducer, 3P4W reactive power transducer, DC voltage transducer, DC curretn transducer, power factor transducer and frequency transducer etc.